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RV & Camping Club

Meeting Date: 3rd Tuesday (March - November)

Meeting Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Murat Shrine Temple

Interested in Joining? Conact:

Irwin Lewis | H: 317-326-2054 | C: 317-501-2671 |

Main Contacts:

President | Irwin Lewis | H: 317-326-2054 | C: 317-501-2671 |

First Vice President | Bruce Placek | C: 317-828-8268 |

Second Vice President | Michael Pfeiffer | C: 317-341-0971 |

Secretary | Herb Green | H: 317-862-1012 | C: 317-796-2410 |

Treasurer | Robert Bailey | H: 317-326-7044 | C: 317-796-1859 |

Divan Representative:

Bill Stanton


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I really like camping, so I'm happy to join this club. slope


Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Sep 19, 2023

I was wondering if this was the right number to call to find out more about this camping group. geometry dash


Guys where can I get more information about this camping club, should I just contact this number.

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