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Murpah Shrine Club

Meeting Date: 1st Thursday, Dinner 6:00

Meeting Time: 6:45 pm


3671 N. Shrine Dr

Muncie, IN 47303

Club Number: 765-289-7866

Interested in Joining? Conact:

Jerry Hankins | C: 765-283-9699 |

Main Contacts:

President | Jerry Hankins | C: 765-283-9699 |

First Vice President | Terry Simmons | C: 317-919-9343 |

Second Vice President | Frank Setash | C: 703-675-2760 |

Secretary | W. Greg Stinefield | 765-730-0825 |

Treasurer | Jerry Hawk | C: 765-717-9420 |

Divan Representative:

Scott Roberts

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han gu
han gu
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hyundai glad
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Wilson Rosie
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